Netflix plans to launch user profiles for subscribers who share accounts by late summer.

Yahoo News on Wednesday reported Netflix would soon allow subscribers to "set multiple user profiles on a single account". In other words, Netflix subscribers will have the ability to store their own taste preferences on one account by setting up individual user profiles. The user profiles will also let subscribers select avatars.

Citing Todd Yellin, Netflix's vice-president of product innovation, who had a prototype of multiple profiles on display at E3 in Los Angeles, the Yahoo News report further claimed the feature is now in testing but will likely launch toward the end of August.

User profiles will essentially enable Netflix to better recommend content to subscribers who share accounts, like family or roommates, so subscribers can retrieve unique recommendations separate from the viewing habits of other subscribers accessing the account.

In addition, Netflix executives are still working out whether they will allow five or six user profiles for each account. But a recent Netflix investor letter claimed the company would allow four user profiles. The same letter also revealed Netflix would launch the sharing plan for $11.99 (£7.65) a month.