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(Pocket-lint) - Video streaming behemoth Netflix has announced that its exclusive offer House of Cards, rolled into a full-length series, has become the most-watched piece of content ever for the site. 

According to Netflix COO Ted Sarandos, speaking at D:Dive Into Media, House of Cards became the most-watched content on the site for both the US and worldwide in the two weeks since its release. No specific figures were given. 

Pocket-lint provided a lengthy preview of the series which includes actors Keven Spacey, Rob Wright, Kate Mara and Corey Stoll. The series follows Frank Underwood (Spacey), a member of the House of Representatives, scheming to get revenge on those who betrayed him. A second season of 13 episodes is being taped. 

House of Cards has been well received by critics and television buffs. It's not offered to general masses on television channels, but is instantly and exclusively available for Netflix subscribers. While the view accomplishment not only proves this is a great series, but the move to make content available in an online fashion also seems to work.

“No one has ever watched anything on Netflix that they couldn’t watch all at once,” Sarandos said. This perhaps, is why Netflix was almost forced to release all 13 episodes of the political drama at the same time.

What do you think of House of Cards?

Writing by Jake Smith. Originally published on 16 April 2013.