Netflix has launched a new "Post-play" feature aimed at those trying to work their way through the box sets of their favourite TV shows.

Now when viewers get to the end of an episode, instead of boring you with details like who was the Best Boy or the second unit producer, it will whisk you straight to the next episode so you can get on with the story.

"Netflix has launched a new 'post-play' experience which makes viewing multiple TV episodes easier, by minimising the credits post show and cueing up the next episode," says the company.

The next episode will start to play in 15 seconds if nothing is done.

The experience is also available for films; at the end of the feature the credits will become minimised with three further suggested titles to view.

Users who want to call it a day, will still be able to, however.

The “post-play” experience is available now on the PS3 and the Netflix Web site, with further devices to follow confirms Netflix.

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