Netflix plans to put all 10 episodes of the new series of Arrested Development up on its streaming service at the same time, in order to strike itself apart from conventional linear television broadcasters.

The subscription service announced some time ago that it would be bringing back the critically acclaimed sitcom, reuniting its star-studded cast in the process, and that the episodes would be available in 2013.

We would have expected the company to exploit its massive coup by bleeding episodes out in intervals. However, reports that Netflix has confirmed it is to repeat what it has recently done with another of its home made shows, Lillyhammer.

Speaking at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas, Netflix chief Ted Sarandos said that all 10 episodes of season four will premiere together on a single day next year. At least in the US.

Show creator Mitch Hurwitz also hinted that plans for a movie may be put on hold, as he's keen to do a season five of the show too.

There are currently no indications as to when Arrested Development will hit the UK version of Netflix, but considering the first three series' popularity on the service, we would imagine that it would be shortly after the US release, if not at the same time.

Pic: (cc) aphrodite-in-nyc