The Netflix Windows Phone 7 app is now available in the UK, allowing users of the movie-streaming service watch their Netflix content on the go on their phone. 

The app, which launched last year in the US on the Microsoft platform, was held back in the UK because of technical differences in the way Netflix delivered films on its service in the US and around the world. 

Following the UK launch of Netflix in January, the company had to re-engineer the Windows Phone 7 app to get it to work with the more advanced system, something it has now resolved.

“We have pushed the App to the Windows Phone Marketplace,” the company told us. “Actual availability for each and every user can take up to 48 hours according to Microsoft.. So on its way imminently.”

We've just checked the WIndows Phone Marketplace online and although it isn't showing up in Marketplace on our Nokia Lumia 800 in the office, it is showing up on the website, and it is already there ready to be downloaded. 

Another day, another app ticked for Microsoft. 

Are you planning on downloading the Netflix Windows Phone 7 app in the UK? Let us know how you get on in the comments below.