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(Pocket-lint) - Netflix had revealed that high-definition streaming to the new iPad's Retina Display was definitely part of its plans for the future. It has recently updated its iPad application to be compatible with the higher resolution screen, but currently streams only standard definition content to tablet devices.

Subscribers who watch Netflix content on HD TVs will know that a lot of shows or movies are already available in high definition (many with 5.1 surround sound, too). That content is already encoded at 1080p and capable of playing fine over normal broadband without stuttering.

But perhaps the media-streaming service needs to bolster its infrastructure before it can take on the extra bandwidth that opening its doors to iPad fans would generate. After all, three million new iPads were sold on opening weekend alone.

It is definitely going to happen in the future. Speaking to Mashable, Joris Evers, director of Corporate Communications at Netflix, can't say when HD content will be viewable on the new iPad, only that it is coming.

"The video is not in HD yet. That is on our roadmap, but I can’t share timing at this point," he said.

Let's hope it's sooner rather than later.

What do you think? Disappointed that you can't see HD Netflix content on a new iPad? Or is the screen too small to really make a difference? Let us know in the comments below...

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 April 2013.