Sunday night, 8pm. That's the moment most of Netflix's 23 million subscribers tune it to watch the company's selection of movies and TV shows.

Speaking to Pocket-lint in a one-to-one briefing in a London hotel, Adrian Cockcroft, the "cloud" architect over at Netflix, revealed exactly when the streaming service gets the most traffic.

"Sunday is our busiest night," he said. "It is the time people sit down and watch TV - 8pm on a Sunday after dinner people go and watch telly. It is as simple as that."

Strangely, we would have expected Saturday night to be busier. But Netflix disagrees.

"It is a little bit busier than on Saturday, which is generally a little bit busier than the rest of the week," explained Cockroft.

He believes people are keen to tune in to Netflix because of the poor quality of TV on a Sunday night in the UK.

The data of what people are watching can also tell Netflix other things about the British public, like when school kids are on holiday.

"Two weeks ago, the UK kids were off on half term and I could tell that looking at the traffic graphs. We were busy from 9 till 3 compared to last week when there was a gap in the traffic at those times," he said.

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