Blockbuster in the UK has launched a scheme to turn heads to physical media movie rentals and away from the streamed media offerings of the newly launched Netflix and Lovefilm. Called Exclusives, the range of films on offer have a 3-week window in which they will only be available from the high street rental chain both in store and its on-line/postal service.

The "Exclusive" movies include Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, starring Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy, Warrior, also starring Tom Hardy, and some films that don't feature Tom Hardy.

Comedies Friends with Benefits and The Change Up are also part of the scheme, as are Drive and Fright Night (the remake of the 1985 classic), with each fitting in a different 3-week hole, all the way up to 13 February.

Blockbuster will be the only service that will carry/carries these titles for their initial windows, and the service is only charging £2.99 per rental.

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