Video on demand giant Netflix is coming to these shores, at last, with a UK service all set for an early 2012 launch. And it looks as if the video on demand giant isn't treating its transatlantic adventure lightly as reports are pouring in that it's doing the rounds and getting some big name streaming deals in place.

First up, it's reported that a deal with film studio MGM has already been done, meaning exclusive streaming rights in the UK for many of the studio's first-run movies.

That means the platform could be the first place to see the likes of the two Hobbit movies, as well as Daniel Craig in action in both the new Bond film Skyfall, and the English version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

There's also talk that Netflix is in talks with Lionsgate, Momentum Pictures and even Warner Bros with regards to video on demand rights. If deals are made, the service would become a major player in the UK home entertainment scene, taking on the likes of Sky and Lovefilm.

But it's not all movies. Netflix is also said to be in talks with ITV with a view to providing access to the terrestrial broadcaster's huge catalogue of TV content.

Netflix will arrive in Britain in streaming-form only and has been a long time coming with rumours of an arrival for these shores doing the rounds for the last couple of years.

It will be entering a crowded arena with both Sky and Virgin Media already offering very good on-demand movie services, and Lovefilm managing to become the almost de facto digital film offering for Sony, Samsung and other consumer electronics manufacturers.

But if the reports of deals and talks prove accurate, it looks as if it's ready to take on the challenge and some.

There's no set launch date at present, just "early 2012". We'll keep you posted.