Netflix, the US movie rental and streaming service, looks to be coming to the UK according to sources from Variety magazine.

“Netflix is preparing to launch in Europe even though the streaming service didn't include the continent in its recently announced international expansion plans,” reports the mag, on a prospect that is likely to shake up the online rental service in the UK. One that is currently heavily dominated by Amazon’s Lovefilm service.

According to Variety:

“Sources at leading European film distributors say as recently as last week Netflix reps confirmed plans to put roots down in both Spain and the United Kingdom in the first quarter of next year.”

Unsurprisingly, Netflix has declined to comment.

Netflix, who is under fire in the US for putting up its prices this week, will have a tough time if it does come to the UK after Christmas. Both Sky and Virgin Media already offer very good on-demand movie services, and Lovefilm has managed to become the almost de facto digital film offering for Sony, Samsung and other consumer electronics manufacturers.

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