Netflix, the US-based movie rental and on demand service, is headed to the Nintendo 3DS. Owners of the handheld will find the Netflix app turning up in the devices e-shop from 15 July.

Before you get too excited, don't expect any glasses-free 3D movie action, things are strictly 2D for the time being. That doesn't mean 3D content is a total write-off, with an "additional library of select movies" due for launch on the system.

Netflix joins the Wii as the second device in Nintendo's product family to get access to the on demand streaming service. 

For those who want to give streaming a try on the 3DS you are going to need a Wi-Fi connection and a minimum $7.99 per month Netflix streaming account. 

Also launched on the video department is Nintendo's own video app, acquired via a system update. Nintendo Video allows you to download free 2D and 3D video content.

As of now the Nintendo Video service looks to be Japan and Europe only, somewhat making up for the Netflix absence. We fired the app up and found it began to automatically download 3D video content. Things are looking pretty short and sweet at the moment however, with the free 3D magic video weighing in at just over a minute. 

Netflix on the 3DS? Or is the screen too small?