Android fans waiting for VOD service Netflix to finally arrive onto their handsets shouldn't have long to wait now, with a Netflix top-bod indicating that the service should arrive early next year.

But, and it's a big but (I like 'em and I cannot lie), the release will not be a general platform model, but a more device specific based one.

And that's because Netflix is struggling to put together a generic and complete platform security option, as well as a ubiquitous DRM system, as the Android world is so fragmented.

"We regard Android as an exciting technology that drives a range of great devices that our members could use to instantly watch TV shows and movies from Netflix", said Greg Peters, from Netflix product development.

"We are eager to launch on these devices and are disappointed that we haven’t been able to do so already.

Peters described how, because of the fragmentation issues mentioned, the release would have to come via a device-by-device platform.

"Unfortunately, this is a much slower approach and leads to a fragmented experience on Android, in which some handsets will have access to Netflix and others won’t", he admitted.

"This clearly is not the preferred solution, and we regret the confusion it might create for consumers. However, we believe that providing the service for some Android device owners is better than denying it to everyone".

Peters did state however that Netflix would continue to work with the Android community and manufactures on a "standard, platform wide solution".