Netflix has penned a deal with Epix to significantly boost the movie streaming catalogue for its users.

The multi-year tie-up, which begins on 1 September, means that Netflix will be able to offer up titles that fall under the Epix banner 90 days after they are first shown on Epix's pay TV network.

Epix incorporates Lionsgate Films, MGM, Viacom and Paramount so that means big titles such as Kick-Ass, The Expendables and Hot Tub Time Machine will be made available for Netflix customers. It will also mean a vast improvement to the TV show line-up as well with the Viacom network covering MTV and Comedy Central.

"Adding EPIX to our growing library of streaming content, as the exclusive Internet-only distributor of this great content, marks the continued emergence of Netflix as a leader in entertainment delivered over the web", said Ted Sarandos, chief content officer for Netflix.

"The EPIX deal is an example of the innovative ways in which we’re partnering with major content providers to broaden the scope and freshness of choices available to our members to watch instantly over the Internet".

Netflix is available in the US, and later on this year, Canada as well. Sadly, at present, there are no plans to launch the service in the UK.

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