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(Pocket-lint) - Motorola has decided it wants to be in the TV business too, with an Android TV range set to rival OnePlus'.

Announced in India, where OnePlus is also set to launch first, the Motorola smart TVs will be available in 32 to 65-inch screen sizes and feature Android 9.0, plus HDR and Dolby Vision video technologies.

Sets over 43-inches will be 4K models, while those under will max-out at 1080p.

Inside, the TVs will each sport a Mali 450 processor and 2.25GB of RAM to run Android applications and games. There will be 16GB of storage for downloads.

The TVs will also be very affordable, considering the 55-inch 4K HDR version will be priced at RS 39,999 at launch, around £450.

All models will be available from 29 September and stocked by India's online sales site, FlipKart. There is no word yet on a wider rollout.

Hopefully, like OnePlus, Motorola will consider other regions in time. The OnePlus TV, for example, will first launch in India, but there are plans to introduce it to the company's homeland of China, then US and Europe.

The OnePlus TV is also an Android set, to match the company's smartphones and, therefore, present an already suited ecosystem. It is likely this is thinking from Motorola's parent company Lenovo too.

Writing by Rik Henderson.