Two training videos created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant for Microsoft have been leaked online.

Although the videos were created 3 years ago, they’ve only now been uploaded and shared across the web.

Gervais, reprising his role as David Brent from The Office, signed to do the videos on the condition that they wouldn’t be made public.

The videos have appeared on blogs and video hosting sites, although some have been asked to take them down.

They’re still hosted on YouTube, but member jon1221, who offered to send the 37 minute video to whoever wanted it, posted a follow up to say that one of Gervais’s agents has emailed him to ask him not to share them.

In the videos, David Brent suggest he may take over the job as managing director at Microsoft UK, as long as he could get a salary of at least £40,000 and drive a car suiting his elevated status; namely, a new Ford Mondeo.

A spokeswoman for Gervais has said that he won’t be seeking damages from Microsoft as he accepts that “these things happen”.

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