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(Pocket-lint) - With Apple launching Ultra HD versions of many films on iTunes at rock bottom prices, others are following suit. First, Amazon dropped its 4K movie prices, for both rental and purchase, now Microsoft, through the Xbox Store, is doing the same.

Apple launched its new Apple TV 4K box on a wave of films with 4K HDR visuals, vowing to charge the exact same as for HD equivalents. Films on the platform are available from £3.99 for the UHD version - a true bargain when compared to the £24.99 and above for 4K Blu-rays.

Xbox One S owners can also benefit from cheaper Ultra HD movies now though, with prices starting at just $2.99 for its library of 30 or so 4K flicks.

They go up to around $19.99, but when you consider that they were listed at $29.99 to buy until very recently, that's a significant drop.

Unfortunately, you still can't get 4K movies in the UK from Xbox and will still have to rely on Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube and 4K Blu-rays for your UHD hit. Maybe this will change when the Xbox One X launches worldwide on 7 November.

As 4K is its main raison d'être, Microsoft will surely want to get as much suitable content delivered to users as possible.

We can only hope.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 3 October 2017.