Microsoft's research division has created a 3D browser prototype called SurroundWeb that beams content to every wall of your room. 

The prototype actually works, says Microsoft, as it scans the room for projectable services in one minute, and can then beam content on walls at 30 frames per second with up to 25 screens and up to a 1440x720 display.

Not only will the content appear on the wall, but will adapt to objects present in the room, and have interaction using natural user input including voice. Microsoft hasn't detailed what hardware it's using for the project, but it's presumed to be an array of several projectors. 

The SurroundWeb project is a follow-up to Microsoft's IllumiRoom, which projects games to fill the entire room, surrounding the gamer in a fully immersive graphical ambience. SurroundWeb is the web version of the IllumiRoom project, and arguably more complicated, given web pages aren't as predictable as game sofware.

Microsoft hasn't detailed when the SurroundWeb project may find its way to consumers, but we presume it will be quite awhile. The project looks to be in early stages.