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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft doesn't make televisions, but that hasn't stopped the company making one for itself to demo its vision of the home of the future at its brand new Envisioning Centre at the company's headquarters in Seattle.

The new 120-inch, 4K, widescreen television - presumably taking the title of the world's largest 4K TV away from Samsung - is being used to demo a full Kinect-enabled storytelling experience that Microsoft believes will be the norm within five to 10 years.

The absolutely stunning screen is, as you would expect for 4k, pin-sharp, with no pixelating even up close.

Pocket-lintmicrosoft s stunning 120 inch 4k widescreen tv samsung watch out image 5

The Microsoft demo, shown to Pocket-lint behind closed doors, illustrated how in the future the TV will be connected to a number of different technologies around the home, including the picture frames around it to extend the image on screen further (in this case a video animation of a children's story), and lights to create a full immersive experience in your living room.  

So far a number of manufacturers have starting making 4K televisions, showing us the results at CES in January, but none as big and as wide as this.

But before you get too excited, Microsoft tells us there are no plans to start selling TVs and that this TV in their Envisioning Centre is purely for it to get the conversation started with its partners who they invite in to have a look.

Pocket-lintmicrosoft s stunning 120 inch 4k widescreen tv samsung watch out image 3

Microsoft employees based in Redmond reading this should note, however, that the man in charge of the Envisioning Centre, Anton Andrews, has told Pocket-lint that he is trying to work out how to start up a movie night.

Oh. and that picture displayed on the television is drawn specifically for the screen using Microsoft Fresh Paint app. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.