In Berlin over the weekend, Logitech unveiled a new universal remote aimed slightly below its existing range - the Harmony 700. Unlike its older brother, the Harmony 900, which can handle 15 devices at once, the 700 can only be used to control upto six.

One feature taken from previous models is that the 700 has what the company is calling "one-click control". Rather than turning your TV to the AV channel. changing your amp over to movie mode, and turning on your DVD player, one button press of "Watch a DVD" can batch-control everything.

There's also a colour screen (only a dinky one, though, and it's not a touchscreen) and rechargable AA batteries that can charge by plugging the remote directly into AC power. The remote can hook up with what Logitech claims is over 250,000 home entertainment devices.

The Harmony 700 remote going to be available in September (i.e. very soon) and will cost 130 euros - about £114 at the time of writing.