A Logitech study has revealed that 91% of families fight over the remote control.

And - as the average family will watch at least 3 and a half hours of television a day this Christmas - that's a lot of potential bust-ups.

According to the Logitech study the majority of people across Europe (63%) would describe their household's use of the remote control as a democracy, in which everyone has a say in what they watch and anyone can use the remote control - but that does not stop the fights.

72% of people have fallen out or argued over a remote control, 12% have thrown one and 7% have actually physically fought over one.

Of course, everyone always has an angle, and Logitech is using the info to promote their range of Harmony universal remote controls that can replace the many remotes you might have cluttering up your lounge... although we're not sure they will stop the fights.