Logitech has extended its range of Harmony remote controls by launching the new, top-of-the-range Harmony 1000 with colour touch screen.

The idea behind the Harmony range is that the remote control unite all the various devices with individual controllers into one unique device. The remote can even control multi-remote entertainment and components behind closed doors, thanks to radio frequency technology and a Wireless Extender.

The 3.5-inch screen displays icons for various activities; pushing “watch TV” will bring you to a screen that only shows you relevant buttons for that device. Apart from the virtual buttons on the display, rather than the usual slew of cryptic buttons on many universal remotes, the 1000 has 9 fixed buttons for volume and channel control, and a navigation pad.

Its rechargeable batteries last for up to week, and it comes with a convenient charging stand.

Convenience doesn’t come cheap; the Harmony 1000 remote will be available later this autumn for around £300.