Ever had to try and bounce the remote off the mirror in the lounge to get it around the dog that's sat right in front of the receiver? Thought so, and it seems that the chaps over at Logtiech have experienced the same problem.

In response to this age old dilemma, the company has launched the Harmony 895. A remote that promises no Line of Sight is needed to control your home entertainment equipment.

The new remote will use both radio frequency and infrared wireless signals to deliver complete control of multi-zone home-entertainment systems and the most advanced home-theatre setups.

The remote works as part of a modular system that may include any number of Harmony RF base stations - typically one for each room, or zone. With a wireless range of up to 100 feet, the Harmony 895 remote sends RF commands to a base station, which then blasts infrared signals to any components in that zone.

The Harmony 895 remote also includes support for the Z-Wave wireless technology standard, used by manufacturers of advanced lighting, climate control, and security systems. Initially, the remote will be able to control the advanced lighting systems using this standard, and it will eventually support other categories of home-automation systems.

The Harmony 895 remote, complete with Teletext buttons, will be available in Europe beginning in November and comes with a charging platform to charge the remotes rechargeable battery. It will cost £299.99