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(Pocket-lint) - Logitech's latest addition to its Harmony line is aimed at set-top boxes and gaming machines, hoping to make it easier for you to type and navigate. But it's not the Harmony remote you've come to know.

The Harmony Keyboard announced on Tuesday features a keyboard and touchpad to work with the Apple TV, Roku set-top boxes, Xbox One, and Sony PlayStation 3. We've all experienced the agony of typing something out with a normal remote, and Logitech is hoping to fix that with an intuitive keyboard experience.

Past normal typing functionality, the keyboard features guide, pause, play, and channel up or down buttons, as well as game console navigation buttons.

The centre of the Harmony line is Logitech's Harmony Hub, which turns signals from the keyboard or your smartphone into commands your entertainment devices understand for compatibility across all platforms. 

The keyboard communicates with the Hub over Wi-Fi, and then hooks into peripherals through two USB receivers. For the PlayStation 3 and Apple TV, Bluetooth support is also found. Support for the PlayStation 4 wasn't named. You won't have to point the Harmony Keyboard at an IR blaster, as the Harmony Hub can hide behind cabinets.

The Harmony Smart Keyboard goes on sale in March for $149.99, and could provide an easier way to manage content in the living room as apps take centre stage. 

Writing by Jake Smith.