Let's face it, Google TV has hardly been the rip-roaring success that the Big G hoped it would be.

And now, one of the launch partners of the web-TV platform - Logitech - is feeling the strain of a lack of demand for consumers wanting Google TV in their living rooms. Its first quarter results for 2011 revealed an operating loss of $45 million.

The results have led to CEO Gerald P. Quindlen leaving his post - to be replaced by chairman Guerrino De Luca - and have also seen the cost of Logitech's Google TV hardware, the Revue, slashed in a bid to attract more users.

The price will come down to $99 to "remove price as a barrier to broad customer acceptance". Remember, this is a set to box that launched only 9 months ago costs $299.99, so it's a fairly substantial kick in the balls for a company that must have been jumping through hoops to get in on the Google TV action pre-launch.

Google TV is no doubt a long-term plan for Google, and could possibly prove to be a slow burner, especially with Android compatibility on the horizon. Scant consolation for Logitech though, who is literally counting the cost of a poor opening night.

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