With more and more people using a PC as a media centre in their home cinema setups, it's somewhat surprising that manufacturers haven't been throwing out an abundance of living room friendly peripherals.

Sure, there are some keyboard/trackpad all-in-one options, but for people that just use their nettops as a video player, and don't frequently need to use a keyboard there aren't too many dedicated pointer options out there.

And maybe it's this slight gap that's led Logitech to announce the arrival of the Wireless Mouse M515 - a mouse designed to work on soft platforms like your sofa, bed or even the carpet.

It's sealed at the bottom so it won't get gunked up with fluff and it is only active when you've got your hand on it - so there's no chance of it slipping off your sofa and inadvertently pausing your playback.

It also has a hyper-fast scrolling option and the battery will last up to 2 years. It connects to your PC via a tiny USB transmitter that you can simply leave plugged into your machine without it adding any noticeable bulk.

“Millions of people are connecting their computer to the TV, and the M515 mouse was built to address the unique needs of this experience”, said Marcus Harvey of Logitech.

“As technology evolves and consumers’ habits change, Logitech continues to develop navigation devices that make it easier to control and access the things people love to do in the digital world”.

The Logitech Wireless Mouse M515 is due out in April and will cost around £50.