Logitech has unveiled its latest weapon for your living room coffee table in the shape of the Harmony 300i universal remote control.

Coming in at just £29.99 compared to its bigger brothers at the £100 mark and over, the 300i can replace up to four remote controls but, best of all, is programmed not on the device itself but using a step-by-step process on the product website.

Logitech's research has shown that over one-third of the 75 million households in the US and Europe that had tried a universal remote before had found the experience unsatisfactory, and the 300i is an attempt to change all this with simplicity of set up and use.

The online library of controllers you can program covers 225,000 devices from more than 5000 brands including Sky and Freeview remotes and is added to all the time.

The Harmony 300i will be in the shops from April.