Logitech has announced an expansion in its range of Harmony remote controls. The company is introducing the Harmony 600 and Harmony 650, both of which allow you to replace up to five other remote controls with the functionality that you want on just one device.

Both of the new models have what Logitech is calling "one-click activity buttons" - these allow you to combine multiple activities into one keypress - for example, you could turn on your DVD player, eject the tray, set your TV to the DVD channel, and set your home cinema system to "movie" mode with just one click.

The two models differ by their screens. The 600 has a monochrome display which shows the controls you'll need for the devices you're using, whereas the 650 has a colour screen with icons for your favourite channels. There's also the Harmony 700 and the touchscreen Harmony One, if you're in the market for a universal remote.

The Harmony 600 costs £50 and the Harmony 650 will cost £70. Both will appear in March.