LG has launched a new Blu-ray home cinema system, the HB954SP, a BD-Live-enabled, Full HD 1080p, 1000 Watt, 5.1 effort.

With five oval satellite Mark-Levinson-tuned speakers, the connected system offers one-click access to YouTube videos, upscaling of standard DVDs, playback from USB and (only) two HDMI inputs.

There's also an iDock for an iPod or iPhone and LG's "Sound Gallery" for easy set-up as well as handy options such as turning off the bass in "night mode".

The system will be available from November 2009, but the really crucial bit for most people - pricing - is yet to be revealed.

LG doesn't offer RRPs, instead suggesting price comparison sites for an idea of cost, not a great strategy for a product that's yet to be released.