We can't promise it'll make the tea or find your remote when it's not even down the back of the sofa, but the LG-HLB54S Blu-ray soundbar will do just about every other job in the living room.

It belts 430W from the super-slim structure and has a wireless sub-woofer unit that you can place anywhere you like. It also not only plays Blu-rays, but will upgrade your DVDs to as close to 1080p as it can.

There's support for DLNA networking for you to connect to all sorts of mobile phones, cameras, camcorders and computers but there's integrated Wi-Fi, so you won't even need cables to do so.

The added bonus of the internet connection means it's also good for VoD content straight to the screen including all the YouTube vids. There are two HDMI ports and LG probably threw in the iPod dock just for good measure.

It's out in November for a price as yet unrevealed.