LG has announced its first range of LED TVs at IFA 2009 today under the slightly curious title of "Borderless". Borderless refers to the black borders still clearly marked by the large area of black bordering, but the difference is that LG has an edge-to-edge glass panel rather than letting the bezel stick out.

Semantics aside, there's plenty of interest about these LED-backlit LCD TVs all the same. The LH9000 lot are the top of the line with true, full LED lighting for a dynamic contrast of 5,000,000:1 and a frame rate of 200Hz. They come in either 42-inch or 47-inch sizes.

If you can cope with a little less, the SL9000 series is LED lit but from the side only. It means a loss in picture quality to a 3,000,000:1 contrast and 100Hz frame rate but it gives way to some serious slimming down to a 3cm deep panel. You can pick them up with 42-inch and 47-inch panels.

Last of all is the SL8000 plain old LCD models in 32-, 37-, 42- and 47-inch sizes. Again they are "borderless" but boast a 100Hz frame rate - 200Hz on the 42-incher - and measure just 4.5cm thick.

All three series are, of course, Full HD coming with the LG intelligent light sensor for power saving whilst the SL8000 and LH9000 have the invisible speaker set up too.