LG today showed off two incoming ranges of LCD TVs in the form of the LU5000 and LU4000. These TVs are designed to compete in the small screen market, with unique design twists and compelling tech specs to spice up high-definition action in the bedroom.

The LU5000 will come with a 26-, 22- or 19-inch display, with the larger two giving you Full HD 1080p and the smaller being HD Ready at 720p.

The LU5000 has some pretty unique styling, featuring a "perfume bottle" stand (see the pictures) and a fusion of gloss white and orange colours, so it is likely to appeal to those looking for a stylish TV to perch in their boudoir, perhaps to complement a bottle of Dune.

But more importantly the LU5000 will come loaded with 2 or 3 HDMI (depending on the size), Scart, Component, VGA and Composite connections. You also get SRS TruSurround XT speakers and Freeview built in.

The LU4000 will be HD Ready and come in 22- and 19-inch models. Rather than the Dune perfume stand, you'll get a more masculine chrome "shaft" stand.

Moving swiftly on, the LU4000 will also come with the mentioned connections including HDMI, Freeview tuner and SRS TruSurround XT speakers.

The new TVs are also Energy Saving Trust recommended.

No word on prices, but we expect to see them appearing in the next couple of weeks.