LG has said that it wants to power your digital hub in the home with the launch of a new NAS (network attached storage) drive.

The N4B1 as it will be called will go up against the HP Media Server and offer a built-in Blu-ray drive.

Available in two- and four-bay configurations, LG’s N4B1 accepts hard drives as large as one terabyte giving you plenty of room to store that illegal movie collection you've ripped.

LG is hoping that the ability to share the Blu-ray drive around multiple machines will appeal to home users looking to get content around the house.

After inserting a disc, the NAS can create and store an image of the disc which is then accessible by all of the users on the network. This not only saves time, but also reduces wear and tear on discs, as well as being handy for copying those Blu-ray discs you've rented from the DVD shop.