After using IFA to make the announcement of its LCD HD TV, the LG7000 Scarlet, LG also took the opportunity to talk about its latest plasma screen - the PG7000.

Announced earlier in the year and previously expected for a July release, it seems LG wanted to refresh our memories on the TV, as well as give us some fresh information.

The look of it is slick and sleek, with its borderless design making it look more like a single sheet of dark-tinted glass than a TV.

It is available in both 50- and 60-inch sizes, and is built around a 1080p full HD panel that features a colour depth of 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. This means blacks will appear black, rather than a dark grey.

The plasma also features a 100Hz refresh rate and 0.001ms response time, meaning the TV can keep up with sports, fast moving games and movies with no blur. These features also eliminate flicker, which makes the TV more comfortable to watch for extended periods without causing eye strain.

Picture quality can be optimised for the content you are watching, thanks to LG's image processing system. Special AV modes mean users can choose a mode to suit, including movie, video games and sports, and the image will be adjusted to get the best on possible.

The TV has a number of connection choices to help you be able to connect devices up to the plasma. This includes Bluetooth connectivity, USB and a memory card reader - completely plug and play. Four HDMI 1.3 ports also provide enough connections for a number of high-definition sources.

LG’s Clear Voice technology is included as standard on the PG7000, and eliminates the difficulty of hearing voices over background sound, often found when 5.1 surround sound gets mixed down for a 2-channel speaker system. However, Clear Voice modifies the sound balance to emphasise human voices and cut through the background noise.

There was still no pricing information or specific release date, but we'd think we can expect it soon. More news when we get it.