LG Electronics has introduced its first series of digital Freeview Playback DVD recorders with built-in hard disk drives.

The LG RHT399H, LG RHT398H and the LG RHT397H allow you to receive up to 40 digital channels and offer time shift functionality, to pause, play and rewind live TV at a touch of a button.

The flagship LG RHT399H comes complete with a 320GB hard drive capacity, which provides 935 hours of recording time.

An 8-day programme guide allows you to plan your recording schedule up to a week in advance, and with its series link functionality, you can record entire seasons of shows easily.

The system also offers the ability to copy 1 hour of video to DVD or HDD in 27 seconds with its high speed copying mode.

The black gloss and silver LG RHT399H features 1080p upscaling via HDMI, Super Multi DVD recording to record onto all types of DVD discs, DivX movie playback and optical output to get digital audio directly to a home cinema system.

There's also "Progressive Scan" technology that claims to produce flicker free and high density image and LG's SIMPLINK for easy hook-up with other home cinema kit from the company.

The other models, the LG RHT398H and LG RHT397H, offer the same functionality but different hard drive sizes - the LG RHT398H offers 250GB or 729 hours and the LG RHT397H has 160GB or 463 hours.

In addition to these, and really risking it with potential model number confusion, LG is also launching a Freeview DVD recorder - the LG DTR389H, which boasts an 8-day programme guide, super multi DVD recording to record onto all DVD discs and HDMI with 1080p upscaling.

The LG RHT399H, LG RHT398H, LG RHT397H and the LG DRT389H will be available now from all major retailers and independents, pricing not revealed.