Those kooky chaps at LG managed to get even Lindsey Lohan out of bed for the LA unveiling of a new high-def LCD television under the premise that they were attending the world premiere of David Nutter's latest project, "Scarlet".

The invite for the premiere of "Scarlet" had the press pack and Hollywood stars swishing down the red carpet thinking they were about to see "The Hit New TV Series" from Nutter.

The lights went down, everyone plunged into the popcorn; only to be introduced to not "Scarlet" the TV star but "Scarlet" the TV.

"To win the game, we had to change the rules", said Kwan-Sup Lee, an LG vice president. "We had to think and act differently in everything we do in order to change the perception of the LG brand. Being different might be risky, but we took that risk to make a breakthrough."

The company's 2008 flagship LCD TV, LG60 or LG6000 to us Europeans, was actually first unveiled to the world at CES in Las Vegas in January.

At just 1.7-inches (45mm) thick, LG claimed it was the world's slimmest LCD TV (though others disagreed) while features include its red-hued back, colour-changing LED light power aperture and invisible speaker, TruMotion 100Hz blur reduction and Intelligent Sensor for automatic picture adjustments.

But that's not all folks, LG execs, who are now giddy with their success, have promised more high jinx: "The Scarlet campaign did not end today – it's just beginning", said Lee.