LG Electronics unveiled its latest plasma TV range, including two models inspired by the fashionable design of the LG Chocolate Handset.

The 60-inch 1080P Full HD PF95 and 50-inch HD-ready PB65 goes for the chocolate of the famous phone.

LG has taken its minimalist style further to own in its plasma range, it’s look leads with an ultra glossy black finish and glowing red touch-sensitive buttons.

The manufacturer is also introducing the PC55, an HD-ready screen available in 42- and 50-inches, and has updated last year's 71-inch MW-71PY1M plasma screen, which is one of the largest screens out there.

The PF95 features 1080p Full HD, 1 x 1 pixel matching for the clearest image possible, XD Engine Full HD Image Processor, blade thin 98.5mm depth and touch-sensitive buttons

The PB65 and PC55 have slightly different features still HD-Ready, blade thin design, less than 89.5mm depth, high contrast ratio of 15,000:1, and Clear Filter Pro, which replaces the traditional thick glass filter with single thin film filter, eliminating reflection and glare while improving brightness by 30%.

The new models have LG SimpLink, enabling consumers to control all LG compatible equipment such as DVD recorders and home cinema systems from a single remote control. Plus two HDMI connections for the convenience of a single cable to connect to HD components.

The massive model, if you’re ready for it – has a 1080p full-HD picture quality on its 71-inches. It also has a PC input making it easy to watch downloaded movies or view photos and an XD engine image enhancing processor that upscales the picture to cinema-like quality.