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(Pocket-lint) - LG has announced the launch of its Super Mutli Blue HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc player in the UK.

Available in May with a price tag of £1000, LG says that it is "Blending the latest entertainment technologies" to ease customer confusion over the next generation DVD formats.

However, those hoping to save some money over buying two separate players will be disappointed. The BH100, as it is also know, player comes with a price tag £350 more expensive than buying Toshiba's entry-level HD DVD player and Sony's PS3 games console.

An LG spokesperson at the launch told Pocket-lint that due to its price it will likely only appeal to early adopters at the start looking to save space under their televisions.

“Everyone agrees that Blu-ray and HD DVD will revolutionise home entertainment and that consumer demand for high definition content is higher than ever before”, says Daniel Aziz, Marketing Manager, Digital Media and Car Infotainment Group, LG Electronics. “However, there has been much uncertainty and confusion around which format consumers should invest in because of the ongoing format dispute. The launch of the Super Multi Blue will remove this difficult choice."

The player, which plays both the HD disc formats and standard DVDs, however not CDs, will be available in a number of retailers including all John Lewis stores from next month.

Earlier this month Samsung announced that it would be following on the heals of LG and also be releasing a Duo HD player capable of Blu-ray disk and HD DVD playback this summer.

As promised nearly 2 years ago, the Samsung BD-UP5000 will enable consumers to watch high definition movies regardless of the disk type they are released on.

No price however has yet been given.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 18 April 2007.