LG has confirmed that it will be launching its Super Multi Blue HD DVD and Blu-ray drive in the UK.

Although specific launch dates have yet to be confirmed, the company is holding a launch party on the 17 April in London to launch "the world's first multi-format Blu-ray and HD DVD player and storage devices".

The drive gained massive coverage and condemnation from other manufacturers when it was announced at CES at the beginning of the year.

Consumer electronics manufacturer Philips told Pocket-lint at the time "it would only confuse consumers".

The player features two optical drive compartments allowing users to play both HD DVD and Blu-ray discs even though they are competing formats from Sony and Toshiba.

"Having a single format would be so much easier", an industry insider told us. "Perhaps LG will be able to help achieve this with this player."

We will keep you posted.