LG's announcement of their standalone HD DVD/Blu-ray player wasn't the end of its hybrid-product releases for CES.

The company has now released details about its Super Multi Blue Dual-Format Drive for use in PCs.

It supports both read and write functions for Blu-ray discs, and read functions for HD DVDs.

The GGW-H10N, as its known, can record on to dual-layer 50GB Blu-ray discs, which hold around 4 and a half hours of high definition video.

It also doubles the industry standard speed for writing Blu-ray discs, and achieves 4x recording speed so that it takes less than 25 minutes to burn a single-layer disc.

The drive will retail for around $1200.

Super Multi Blue is also what LG is calling its dual-format high-definition disc player, which we reported on yesterday.