LG is bringing two of its state-of-the-art Home Cinemas to the UK: the LHRH760IA and the LHRH361SE.

Both include recordable DVD PRV players, XTS Pro surround sound, and HDMI connectivity.

The first, the LHRH760IA is a "tall boy" system made up of five ultra-slim speakers designed to blend with modern interior design and match flat-panel TVs.

Surround sound speakers and a sub-woofer offer 700 watt power output to bring movies, sports and music truly to life.

The DVD recorder supports most DVD types, and includes a 250GB hard drive for 345 hours of recording time.

For those who want a more discreet set-up, the LHRH361SE may be a better solution. The 5.1 Home Cinema system includes 5 satellite speakers, plus a sub-woofer.

The DVD record also includes a 160GB hard disk recorder, and features a USB host so that MP3 players and digital cameras can be connected easily.

Both systems feature HDMI connectivity to hook up to the latest HD TVs.

No release date or pricing is available, but LG says they're coming "soon" to the UK.