Plasma might seem to be on the losing side of the LCD versus Plasma battle, but that hasn't stopped LG bringing out the 71PY10.

At 71 inches, the world’s first largest commercially available plasma screen and is offered in dazzling genuine gold or sleek black.

Originally shown off at CeBIT earlier this year in Germany, the television comes in black for the more discreet viewer and an opulent coating of 4 pounds of 24-Karat gold for those looking to make a major statement.

Key features of the super sized screen include full HD (1920 x 1080), the ultimate in HDTV. Furthermore the 71PY10 has both HDMI and SCART

The 71PY10 also boasts an impressive 600W home cinema system for fantastic surround sound and integrated display facilities for viewing digital photos and MP3 track playback.

The 71PY10 is available now in the LG iGallery at Harrods and from independent retailers nationwide.

The price? The gold version will set you back a mind blowing £70,000 or a £1000 an inch to you and me. The black option is a mere £50,000.