LG has launched what it believes to be the first wall-mounted projector for the living room.

The new model, the AN110, rather than relying on you to bolt it into your ceiling has been designed to hang on the wall like a picture frame. The unit measures 443.4 x 254.2 x 92 mm including the outer rim and projects a large-screen HD picture via a DLP .65 WXGA chip, giving a 1280x 768 resolution.

The vertical lens shift +/-125%, x1/32 ~ x32 digital zoom, separated left and right digital keystone function, and motorised zoom and focus enhances the throw ratio up to more than x1.4 allowing a 100 inch large screen display from a 3.8m to 5.3m distance.

AN110 brightness is 1100 ANSI with the contrast ratio reaching over 3000:1. The life span of the lamp lasts up to 4,000 hours in normal projection system and the noise level is 25db and under depending on the mode chosen. The AN110 displays 720p scan and VGA, SVGA, XGA & SXGA images when connected to DVD player, Digital STB and other digital AV devices.

The AN110 will be available in the UK from September 2005 and will come in either half mirror black or pearl white.