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(Pocket-lint) - LG Display has revealed its flexible OLED solutions in concept form - including the Virtual Ride indoor stationary bicycle and Media Chair integrated entertainment centre - ahead of CES 2022, which is due to kick-off on 5 January 2022.

LG has long shown-off its flexible OLED panels in various solutions, such as its OLED TV R - basically a rolled-up TV in a box that, at the press of a button, motorises itself into a full flat-panel TV form - and for 2022 it's taking a wider conceptual approach.

The Virtual Ride indoor bike has three veritcal 55-inch OLED displays in front and above the rider, to give an all-encompassing perspective. While that might seem a bit out-there for some, it would fit perfectly into already popular virtual riding setups, such as Zwift, where users can use a turbo trainer to pedal realistically through virtual lands as presented on screen.

Of course the key reason for LG's interest here is to show-off that its flexible OLED panels are the best in the business and, indeed, the most flexible. The Virtual Ride's panels "come together to form one large, curved, r-shaped display [that] has a curvature radius that reaches 500R, or a radius of 500mm, [which is] the most among existing large displays," reads exerpts from LG Display's press release.

LGLG flexible OLED CES 2022 photo 2

The other new concept, the Media Chair, is a little less radical, but certainly practical. It's a recliner with integrated curved 55-inch OLED TV display, almost like a posh airline seat that you could position in your home. Here the "screen boasts a curvature radius of 1,500R, the optimal angle for the user, as well as the company’s built-in sound technology Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO), which enables the display to vibrate to make its own sound without the use of external speakers," says LG. Very fancy.

These concepts are, of course, just that: concepts. Indeed, LG's more interesting CES 2022 launches are likely to be what the Korean giant will announce next. The company promises the introduction of "new OLED displays ... and high-end LCD displays." So expect advances in TV tech once more.

Writing by Mike Lowe.