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(Pocket-lint) - LG has announced its QNED Mini LED TV range will be available globally from July. The US will be first to get the new sets followed by other areas. 

Mini LED tech refers to the backlighting behind the display, involving thousands of tiny LEDs that - in conjunction with local dimming tech - give better blacks and more precise bright areas of the picture. These are still LCD displays rather than OLED. 

The QNED Mini LED TV range includes the 8K QNED99 and QNED 96 models, which sit above the 4K QNED90. The TVs come in a variety of larger screen sizes from 65-inch to a huge 86-inches. As an example, the 86-inch 8K TV (86QNED99UPA) is backlit by approximately 30,000 Mini LEDs giving you 2,500 local dimming zones. LG also says this will deliver around 10 times better contrast ratio than conventional LCD TVs.


LG adds these QNED TVs also boast "more accurate colour reproduction with greater contrast and brightness" thanks not only to Mini LED but also to LG's Quantum Dot NanoCell colour tech. 

These TVs are also designed to eliminate colour distortion and boast a wider viewing angle than you'd get with other sets.


"LG QNED Mini LED TV represents an evolutionary leap forward [using] mini LED backlighting to achieve the pinnacle of LCD picture quality," said Park Hyoung-sei, president of the LG Home Entertainment Company.

"Our newest lineup is testament to LG’s technological leadership in the premium TV market made possible by continuously improving and refining our innovative OLED and QNED Mini LED TVs."

Writing by Dan Grabham.