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(Pocket-lint) - While much fanfare was made over LG's 2021 range of premium OLED TVs during its CES presentation, the more affordable end was another matter. It was barely touched upon.

However, more details are now coming out about the B1 and A1 series OLED TVs due to hit stores later this year. And, in the case of the latter, it could be great news for those who want OLED pictures on a budget.

While we don't yet have prices to hand , the LG A1 OLED TVs will be the manufacturer's most affordable OLED sets to date.

As Forbes says, they are specifically designed to offer the tech "at a lower price point than ever before". There will be some caveats, however.

The sets will reportedly come with HDMI 2.0a ports rather than HDMI 2.1. That'll be absolutely fine for the vast majority of TV and film viewers, but not so great for those with a brand new Xbox Series X/S or PS5.

In addition, they will use 4K 60Hz panels rather than 120Hz - so again, won't support the top-end potential of next-gen consoles.

It's wrong to say they won't be good for gamers though, as there are vastly more gamers with current-gen machines or a Nintendo Switch (which is still expected to outsell both Xbox and PlayStation in 2021). For those, the A1 series will be more than good enough.

Certainly, for many, having the chance to own an OLED at LED prices will likely be well received.

We'll update when we do have pricing and release details.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 13 January 2021.
  • Via: LG launching new budget OLED TV range for film fans - but gamers beware - forbes.com
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