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(Pocket-lint) - Several years ago, LG debuted a bendable OLED TV - one that could be adjusted from flat to curved at the touch of a button. However, curved TVs never took off in quite the way it and rival Samsung had hoped.

The gaming market turned out to be a different kettle of fish, with curved displays being far more popular amongst PC gamers. And, that is where LG's latest attempt at a bendable display is aimed.

The LG 48-inch Bendable Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO) display will be shown fully during the all-digital CES 2021 event next week but, in traditional style for the company, we've been given a glimpse ahead of time.

It can be used as a conventional flatscreen TV or transformed into a display with a curvature radius of 1,000R (bent up to a radius of 1,000mm, basically).

That effectively provides uniform viewing distance from the middle of the screen to the edge.

The CSO tech employed also enables the display to vibrate in order to emit audio without the need for dedicated speakers.

LG claims the 48-incher has a response time of 0.1ms and a refresh rate of 120Hz, ideal for PC and next-gen console gaming. It also supports VRR (variable refresh rate). LG is yet to reveal the resolution.

We'll find out more during CES 2021 - which will be entirely virtual for the first time.

Writing by Rik Henderson.