There is little doubt that OLED is one of, if not the, best TV technologies around. It presents incredible, deep, dark black levels and stunning colour accuracy, with an almost paperthin footprint. However, there's always been one significant problem: current sets start at 55-inches.

If you have a smaller home or living area and cannot house a 55-incher or above, OLED has been inaccessible to you.

That might not be an issue for much longer, though. LG Display has announced that it had plans to build 48-inch OLED TV panels, thereby reducing the entry screen size to more like the UK's average.

And, thanks to a smaller, potentially more convenient size, OLED TVs could become more accessible when it comes to cost.

You can't get a 55-inch OLED TV for under a grand at present (even during sales), so a 48-inch model could be ideal for those without the mega bucks to go with their ultrawide lounge walls.

LG Display makes panels, not just for LG Electronics itself, but partners such as Sony, Philips and Panasonic. That means the 48-inch screen size could soon become an industry standard entry point.

We're not yet sure when that might happen though. Although the manufacturer revealed its production plans at the OLED Korea conference last week, it didn't reveal when the panels might hit the market. 

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