LG is adding Apple's AirPlay 2 and HomeKit to its 2019 TV lineup. 

We speculated whether LG would follow Samsung and add AirPlay 2, but what we didn't expect was that it is also adding HomeKit support. This is interesting as Samsung didn't announce that - presumably it wants to keep people within its SmartThings ecosystem instead. 

HomeKit support means you'll be able to control devices like thermostats that are within Apple's ecosystem. 

There was also no mention of older LG TVs being given the tech; Samsung's 2018 TVs were also included in its announcement, but it seems like it's 2019-only for LG. 

LG also said before CES 2019 that it would be adding Amazon's Alexa to its TVs alongside Google Assistant. It also announced the Z9 8K OLED TV in addition to other TVs, the W9, E9 and C9.

During its keynote LG also announced the awesome Signature OLED TV R rollable TV. Yes, it really does roll up