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(Pocket-lint) - TV prices are dropping like crazy with the holidays around the corner.

Many of you have likely picked up a discounted 4K TV set in the last month or two, with all the sales going on right now. Unfortunately, you probably should've squirreled away your money for one of LG's incoming 8K OLED TVs.

We could see the first 8K OLED TVs from LG in first half of 2019, according to reports out of Seoul. LG Display Vice Chairman Hang Sang told the media at a recent trade show that LG plans to begin "mass production of 8K OLED panels in May next year". Another report in Aju Business Daily said a second executive from the company has claimed LG will launch its 8K TVs in June 2019.

Remember, LG showed off an 88-inch 8K OLED TV at IFA 2018. Samsung, too, has been pushing its 8K sets. We recently reviewed the Samsung Q900 8K, which we dubbed the best TV we've ever seen. Still, we should note there is a lack of actual 8K content, just as there is a lack of 4K content still. Consumers are slowly hopping on the 4K bandwagon, so we suspect 8K TVs won't dominate just yet.

But if you're an early adopter and don't mind blowing a tonne of money on the latest tech, consider waiting for LG to debut its 8K lineup next summer. After all, its 4K OLED TVs are some of the best-rated sets in the TV market this year.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.