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(Pocket-lint) - LG announced webOS 3.0 late in 2015 and showed off the new user interface for its TVs at CES 2016. Since then we've been awaiting details on the webOS 3.0 release date.

Talking today in London, LG demoed some of the new features coming to webOS 3.0, as well as fleshing out some of the details of how the company's televisions will be updated.

In the UK, the update to webOS 3.0 will be coming hand-in-hand with the upgrade to Freeview Play, so the details are likely to be different for each territory. The new Freeview Play EPG will replace the current EPG, offering the rollback features Play offers. 

Visually, we're yet to see exactly what LG is going to do with the EPG, but it was confirmed today that it's going to look similar to the existing LG EPG, just adding in those additional scroll-back functions, but in future years, it's likely to evolve.

However, as Freeview Play aims to offer a seamless experience between live broadcast Freeview channels and catch-up services, LG will be updating the line-up of catch-up apps on its televisions too to make them fully compatible. 

That will then mean that BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 and Demand 5 will all launch and play content when selected in the EPG. 

LG confirmed that the update to the apps will start in May 2016 and that the Freeview Play EPG update will be coming in summer 2016. Freeview Play and webOS 3.0 will then make up the new user interface for your TV.

WebOS 3.0 doesn't change a huge amount visually over the previous 2.0 version, but one of the big changes is turning the launcher into one line of apps so you can just keep scrolling across to get to the app you want, rather than entering another menu.

There's also the option to bookmark content you like in a "my content" section, so you're only ever a swipe away from the programming you watch the most.

There will also be a new universal search to help you find content, although LG confirmed it was still working with content providers to get access to all the data. We've seen it serving up results from Wuaki TV and Netflix, for example, so it looks to rival the YouView search feature we love so much.

LG has said that it will confirm which TVs are due to be upgraded, but the shift to webOS 3.0 and to Freeview Play should make it easier to find and view content you really want to see.

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Writing by Chris Hall.